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Design of booths are usually 10 ft deep, 10 ft wide, and 7 ft high. Most are available for rental and include four sidewalls and serving counter. Designing a food booth layout involves positioning equipment where you can most efficiently use it to cook, make and serve food. Place your cash register near the front of the booth and the drinks. Food booths are more versatile than vending carts and can sell a greater variety of products. A large bold clear sign to creates awareness and interest. Renting is better than building a food booth.

menus   Adding a fundraising food booth to your event can help your group or club more money. Advantages of fundraising using a food booth include volunteer labor , low operating and overhead costs, product donations from suppliers, and customers will usually feel obliged to buy to help the group or club.  
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     Operating a Food Booth Business.
    Event organizers usually reserve food sales at their events for non profit groups only. Most larger events have a mix of fund raising and commercial food booths offering a variety of food and drinks. Commercial and fund raising food booth vendors will need to have a nice attractive and clean booth, with good signage and great food. Some food booth vendors find that the business is harder than it looks and quite difficult. Visit local events to study the booths, menus, signs and the food.


       Popular Booth Fundraising Ideas Alternatives   People always need to eat ! The concession business is never boring. A large booth that takes a lot of time to set up is expensive to operate. Food booth vendors often go broke and others can earn upwards of $100,000 !


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