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catering trailer


building a concession trailer

menus   Food Concession trailers can be purchased new    
food trailers   or used. Different trailers will be configured and set    
food trucks   up depending on the menu on offer. Trailers are    
resources   usually made from galvanized steel and are fully    
photos   equipped with plumbing, mains electrics and lights.                

bbq trailer

  concession trailer
food booths  



concession trailer

catering trailer

snack food van catering trailer

         Operating a Food Concession Trailer
        Operating a food concession trailer is hard
        work, often work more than 10 hours a day.
        Leading up to the event you have to book a
        space, paying $$$ upfront months in advance
        Setting up, packing down and transporting
        your trailer, stock and equipment can be very
        time consuming. Food concession trailers
        often travel in a circuit moving continuously
        to the next event. Veteran vendors often have
                          multiple concession trailers selling a variety of


       Popular Food Concession Stand Trailers   products to the general public. Sometimes


    Popular food concession trailers on a good day   if it rains, there is a bad storm or people don't


      seem to have a never ending line and customers   show up to an event, vendors make little or


    coming back for more. Veteran vendors have built   lose money. If you are thinking about trying

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    up their customer bases at events for many years.   to finance a trailer, there are no guarantees.